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vesoi wall lamps are born the macth  from union of an all-Italian design with the best quality of materials and the most refined contemporary taste. the design wall lamp of our collections are original lighting appliance with attention to every detail.

vesoi design wall lamp

the appliques produced by vesoi are wall lamps that allow various adjustments, in order to create the most appropriate lighting that is best for the chosen furniture and space. wall lamp of our collections with one or more lights, depending on the model, and their light sources can be directed or adjusted in height.

designer wall lamps

the wall lighting lamps of our collections find application in a lot of furnishing projects; among the most popular appliques chosen by interior designers we find linea, giro, minima, bow, hob, pantone, seamless, tambour and tra i libri. the modern vesoi wall lamps stand out in both public and private spaces, illuminating the different interior environments with the character of Italian design, such as:
  • bedrooms;
  • hall and reception areas;
  • living area;
  • corridors and stairways;
  • bath;
  • dining rooms;
those who choose vesoi wall lamps in modern furnishings deside to have  design lighting  an excellent quality/price ratio, without compromising on quality and with the brand's maximum reliability in product care.

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