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wall and ceiling lamps

the shape, the size and materials for the different compositions, the vesoi wall / ceiling lamps become the reference of the furniture project.

the dual application (wall and ceiling ) with which the design lamps of this collection are conceived, offers the possibility of illuminating different situations with the same and recognizable luminaire. amplifying the functionality and aesthetic sense of the lamps chosen within the same furnishing project.

modern lamps suitable for wall or ceiling

in the vesoi collections of modern design wall or ceiling lamps of contemporary taste, with innovative products and looking for lights that express concepts and that know how to illuminate, for the creativity of those who design the environment.

wall and ceiling design lighting suitable for any environment

vesoi's wall sconces and ceiling lamps give depth and three-dimensionality to spaces, with a balanced flow of light and shadows, adding value to an interior design project.

the wall / ceiling lamps most chosen by professionals in the sector are those who know how to give a touch of character to the walls, in public and private spaces. international architects and interior designers find these characteristics in vesoi wall / ceiling lamps, combined with the special attention to detail, the quality of the materials, a touch of liveliness with colors, always with a minimal design for interior lighting.

all wall or ceiling lamps use a LED light source that reduces consumption and improves the quality of light, all designed and manufactured in Italy.

browse among the most popular ceiling and wall lamp models in our line, discover products such as: bice, bijoux, frammenti di multiplo and the new collections museum, suymuri and dovevuoi, or the best-sellers as palla, u-brass, perimetro di multiplo, up&down, pic, striplin led and indico.

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