wall lamp - 2019

wall-to-wall luminaire on iron wires. structure in aluminum. finishes painted. 600 cm standard lenght max. remote dimmable on demand.


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  • wiring wiring 28w 24V 4000lm 3000K - 230V
  • watt 28w
  • mA -
  • lumen 4000lm
  • temperature 3000K
  • Volt 230V
  • energetic class A+
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bow137 - wall lamp for new lighting scenarios

wall-to-wall in tension luminaire on steel cable. aluminum structure. painted finishes integrated led module and opal diffuser. standard steel cable length 600 cm max.

a minimal silhouette and his profile interact with the space that accomade the luminiare

an arc of light to illuminate your rooms. the name of bow137 derives from the arch-shaped aluminum element that on steel cables support it from one wall to the other give life to a led wall lamp with a minimal and modern unique style. every little detail is designed to enhance functionality and efficiency and define the room in an elegant way without upsetting the overall habitat.

for projects with a minimal design

the elegant and minimal design of bow137, together with the solidity of the luminaire thanks to its aluminum structure, make this wall lamp particularly suitable for innovative projects, customizing in an original way both living room and kitchen with a modern style but also working spaces, giving that touch of originality that doesn't go unnoticed.

wall to wall luminaire - modern and elegant

bow137 is a wall lamp in aluminum structure, remotely dimmable on request. luminaire supplied with standard steel cable 600 cm max. driver and integrated class A+ led-strip module. the different finishes offer the possibility to furnish any space in a versatile and elegant way. bow137 is available in the following finishes:
  • totalwhite
  • totalblack
  • white-painted brass
  • brass painted - white
  • brass painted - black
bow137 is also available in the floor lamp version.

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