press release docufilm isplora

vesoi presents the docufilm punto, linea, superficie , created in collaboration with isplora (narrative learning). a journey through the complexity of light in its different forms, in which the multiplicity and versatility of its lights underline their essential language.

punto, linea, superficie: light. three elements, gestures, compositional design choices , told by the voices of mario de rosa, roberta benassi and the vesoi team, which makes culture and design the fundamental ingredients of continuous research and reflection and a selection of the many luminaires in an excursus of interpretations of the times and references to contemporary art.

a point that emphasizes the presence of an object, revealing the purity of a form with an accent light, an idea suspended by a thread, in the air, between light and shadow, and which allows you to accentuate an object by emphasizing its shadows and connecting it directly to the world of emotion.

a line, a furrow of light in space, a point in continuous evolution. the stretch of a metal profile that allows quality and value with fewer materials, a contemporary element that distributes the light evenly on the wall and that integrates into the furnishing project with aluminum profiles, an ideal material in combination with the LED for the capacity which has to dissipate the heat, flexible to different processes and finishes and can be combined with other materials in use.

a surface, a space for action and experimentation that with the choice of finishes and textures have the ability to emphasize spaces. punto, linea, superficie tells of an evolution, an ability to adapt and transform light into matter. a filmic story that explores the products, innovation and visions of the know-how of vesoi, which allows to create complex shapes with modular tools, modular in continuous transformation, open, interpretable, modular, adaptable projects that have the ability to change characteristics or finishes. this is made possible by the flexible and articulated production structure that relies on artisanal and industrial processing and production thanks to fundamental skills brought within the company. vesoi is today among the most significant and expressive industrial realities of Italian lighting thanks to research and innovation it interprets styles and trends of contemporary life. the stylistic code is aimed at best interpreting the needs of living with freedom of interpretation with its “open projects” that adapt to spaces. luminous bodies made respecting the environment that bring industry, craftsmanship and design closer together in a production free from the constraints of 20th century seriality, between innovation, 3d printers and new technologies, (new craft) to interpret concepts such as versatility and adaptability. think and act to transmit to generate a relationship with those who use them that goes beyond the function. a fundamental concept for vesoi is social responsibility in entrepreneurial thinking with the precise desire to respect the relationship with the territory in which it was born and where it promotes the culture of work and social openness as a value and which it shares with the people who they recognize themselves in these values. founded in 1981 by mario de rosa, it produces in the main headquarters in the industrial area of north naples and in the strategic production unit in the north-east (scorzè - ve), the largest furniture production district: north and south integrate and often generate unthinkable relationships and opportunities.

1982-2022 vesoi ... 40 years young .

in the docufilm mario de rosa tells about his own life experience, born in naples in 1956, from an early age in the family glassmaker he comes into contact with machines, men and materials: and it is immediately a dream! observer of the world and of everything that is beautiful and that surrounds us, he believes in his work and even more in the personal relationship always at the center of his thinking as a visionary entrepreneur, at times transversal. mario de rosa now lives between naples and milan , two differently stimulating and formative cities and realizes his products in the productive district of the north-east of Italy, it is there that his ideas take shape by collaborating with industry and crafts, architects and designers . holds lighting engineering courses in collaboration with s.u.n. universities . of naples and technology de monterrey (mexico) we do design course and proudly coordinates the technical, graphics and communication department in company. since 1998 he has been a member of FLA- assoluce and since 2014 he sits on the board of directors.