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the vesoi idea stems from practical experience and the ability to represent the interdisciplinary culture of today at the base of its affirmation and consensus. in the 80s mario de rosa developed concepts of lighting fixtures that over time have expanded today evolved and recognizable with their expressive language are the company’s imprinting.

anticipating trends and fluctuations of taste has confirmed with its vocation in knowing a different culture of light based on flexibility of use and configuration (site-specific).


an eclectic choral lighting project in which each element becomes an experiment with lights, colors, styles and materials.

with simplicity, never simply. simplicity is a philosophy almost always applicable in life and is first of all a cultural approach...a vision. a way of feeling innovation with simple solutions that express thought and form while looking at contemporaneity firmly attached to tradition. we create products with an immediate expressive language that evolves and that we like to define vesoi modern-classic design.

sharing our experience with the world of design is a necessity for us that leads us to create custom projects for individual non-derivative luminaires. light and emotion, the point of arrival by observing the everyday life that inspires as well as crafts, industry, art and interdisciplinary design in an open dialogue: this is our promise!